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Michael Thannert

Professional Overview

About Michael Thannert

Michael Thannert is a CEO and entrepreneur based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is the founder of Whizkids, has worked with Fortune 500 companies, and has a wealth of experience to share. Over the years, he has mastered many business practices and worked with an array of technology solutions. Above all else, Michael wants to offer better solutions to his clients.

Whizkids Tech was first founded in April 2009 by Michael Thannert. The company delivers high-impact, next-gen technology solutions to clients. Every team member loves technology and strives to stay updated on the latest developments, Michael Thannert included. Whizkids’ core products include managed IT services, unified communication, and Cloud services. They specialize in legal, healthcare, and AEC industries, though they are willing to work in other sectors are needed. Based in the Great Minneapolis and St. Paul Area, Michael Thannert is proud of how far his company has come over the last thirteen years. As the Founder and CEO, Michael is responsible for driving overall growth, which includes determining strategies and executing Whizkids’ vision. Likewise, this role requires Mr. Thannert to analyze business and technology trends, ensuring their products are relevant and marketable. Finally, Michael Thannert manages new business relationships and oversees all departments for efficiency and quality control. In other words, Michael Thannert is integral to what Whizkids Tech stands for and the overall quality of the company.

As a CEO, Michael Thannert has learned the importance of keeping his company working together. This can be challenging when multiple departments and teams are involved, as communication between departments doesn’t feel natural. However, Michael strives to promote communication and cooperation among the different departments to help create a spirit of unity within his organization. This effort has paid off, which should be a lesson to other leaders. Take care of your teams and empower them to communicate effectively; you’ll have fewer messes to clean up. More importantly, your team will feel passionate about their role within the company, creating their best work for all.

Michael Thannert is a family-focused man who believes that having integrity in what you do is essential. To put it another way, Michael Thannert believes in standing up for what you believe in and following through on your word. Without your word, you are nothing. Likewise, Michael feels passionate about working towards perfection, as we should always strive to better ourselves and our work. As for his family, Michael is lucky to have a wife and four children whom he adores spending time with. They are his world and why he pushes himself to be better.

When Michael Thannert isn’t busy with his work, he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors. His favorite outdoor activities include golfing, camping, running, and grilling. In particular, Michael enjoys any exercise that brings him outdoors, including hiking. He loves visiting different national parks, spending time with animals, and bird-watching. Other hobbies include yoga and cooking, especially if the perfect glass of wine complements his home-cooked meals.

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